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We are in the process of adopting a daughter from China! Our LID [Log In Date] for our paperwork in China is Sept. 12, 2005.

Thursday, March 08, 2007

Visit to Gracie's Orphanage

On Wednesday, March 7th, we were fortunate enough to be able to visit Gracie's orphanage. We had a 2 hour bus trip to Dianjiang, and spent part of the day touring the orphanage and the finding places of our babies. The Dianjiang Social Welfare Institute is the name of Gracie's orphanage. The captions for the pictures will explain for the most part what was going on. They prepared a typical Chinese lunch for us and it was delicious. I did get fussed at going to and coming from the room to change Gracie because I didn't have a jacket on her. They sure do like their babies all bundled up! Gracie seemed to enjoy seeing her ayis [nannies] and the other babies still at the orphanage. She sure showed us that she has been around a few chopsticks--she looked like a little bird when they came out with lunch! She started to baby babble in baby Chinese and has continued it a bit since the visit.
It was bittersweet for us to visit the orphanage, but it is a great feeling to get "thumbs up" from the older people when they see that she is with us!
Orphanage Visit March 7, 2007


Blogger Annie, Jeff and kids (Woody too) said...

We have been enjoying seeing about your trip. That traffic does look confusing, good thing you don't have to drive around. I can't get over the "water play" room, very interesting. Looking forward to more pictures and tidbits of your trip. Give Gracie an extra hug for us!

7:50 AM  
Blogger Robin said...

Hi Jill and family - Our daughters were at (mine still is) the Dianjiang orphanage and they are in the Spring fling photo together..Congratulations and please email me when you get a

Waiting for Isabelle

9:41 PM  
Blogger Stacey said...

Just checking on you guys. I sure would love to see miss Gracie! If you get time to put up an updated photo please do!

6:41 PM  
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